Quiet your mind, connect with your heart, and commune with your soul

with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

Hi, I’m Veronica!

Using the tools of Kundalini yoga and meditation, I help people overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm so that they can activate their energy, align with their purpose, and embody their highest potential to create a life that feels good and lights them up!  

No more looking outside ourselves for answers;
The wisdom and Truth you seek is within you.
Your body contains intelligence that no teacher, healer or guru can match.

No more blindly accepting what you’re told because “that’s the way it is”;
Trust your experience and let your intuition be your guide.

No more playing small and trying to fit in;
Follow your own star.

Your unique vibration exactly what’s needed for the healing of the Earth
and the collective consciousness at this time.

Inner beauty over outward appearances,
Integrity and service over accolades,
Compassion and kindness over wealth and possessions.

This is

The Aquarian Way

“Truth will be recognized, falsehood will fall. That is the message of the Aquarian Age.”
–Yogi Bhajan  


Six Ways to Practice Ahimsa

You could spend a lifetime studying the Yoga Sutras and barely scratch the surface. But you don’t have to be a scholar or a monk to start implementing the Sutras in your own life!

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