Everything is frequency – this is a scientifically-verified fact, not just some crazy
New Age sentiment. Albert Einstein himself said,

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. It is physics.”

Shift your vibration, shift your reality.

Sounds easy, right?? But the reality is,

We get caught-up in, and weighed down by, work stress, finances, relationships… and sometimes we just need a little help – someone to talk to and help us see our situation with a fresh pair of eyes.

Stuck. Alone. Stressed-out. Anxious. Fearful. Overwhelmed.

If any of those words resonated with you, whether it pertains to your career, relationships, or just life in general – then it’s time for you to step into your power and make a change. We can make it happen TOGETHER in my Metamorphosis One-on-One Sessions.

Who are my Metamorphosis Sessions for?

If you are ready to…
let go of playing small because you’re afraid to be seen…
stop settling for ‘just OK’ because you’re afraid of taking a risk…
…create the magical, soulful and purpose-driven life that you’ve been craving
then my sessions are PERFECT for you, because


You need just 3 things to succeed:

COURAGE to make changes in your life; to do things that are difficult but right

CURIOSITY and a willingness to re-examine the way that you’ve done things up until now

TRUST in the process; that the Universe has your back; that everything is happening for you, not to you 


It’s my goal, and my privilege, to help women
reconnect with their innate power
reclaim their self-authority
and create an authentic and purpose-driven life that feels good.

I’ve experienced my own struggles in life, and learned through those challenges that there is beauty in every struggle; a silver lining and a lesson in every storm cloud.

I take a holistic, intuitive, yet grounded and practical approach to guiding you through your the challenges you’re facing.

I believe we are all born with intuitive and healing gifts, but we lose our connection with those gifts at some point in our lives. They get buried beneath layers of doubt, fear, insecurity, and shame. My work is to help you shed the layers of subconscious programming and limiting beliefs so you can build a NEW foundation of

empowered action
inspired joy
authentic expression

Your vibration determines your reality.

My sessions offer a combination of healing and coaching; I incorporate energy healing techniques including the Energy of Life (EOL)® Healing Process, crystal, sound & color frequencies, BioMorphic Geometry™, the Rings of Oden™ and more, with simple tools and practices to help my clients create new habits and move past their blocks.

Whether you’re suffering from job stress, overwhelmed with anxiety, or just stuck in a funk,
you are capable of overcoming anything.

Areas of Focus


  • Get clear about your life’s PURPOSE – your goals, dreams, and what really lights you up
  • Unlock and take ownership of your GIFTS
  • Uncover your subconscious habits & patterns blocking you from reaching your full potential 


  • Career or job changes
  • Relationships
  • Manifest the job/partner/money, etc. you desire
  • Learn to trust the signals the Universe sends you so you can take the leap


  • Incorporate new, more balanced and healthful habits into your daily life
  • Learn easy ways to live more in harmony with the Earth
  • Improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Connect with the voice of your intuition and learn to trust it’s guidance
  • Learn practices you can use anytime to instantly shift your vibration 
  • Learn how to incorporate new tools into your spiritual practice, including crystals, oracle cards, and more


Click the button below to start your journey. And remember, I’ve got your back – we’ll do this together. Tell me what you’d like to work on, how I can best support you right now, and ask any questions you might have about my process, or anything else!