Miracles are real. If you’ve ever doubted that miracles happen, I’m here to tell you: THEY DO.

Any doubt I ever had was erased completely on my 33rd birthday. Or RE-birth day, you might say!

That morning, I woke up with a KNOWING that I was going to quit my job. I can’t say it was “out of nowhere”- I had been unhappy for a LONG time, and it had only continued getting worse and worse.

But I kept hanging on, waiting for it to get better, or to be hired elsewhere. I had been applying for jobs and going on interviews for months, and nothing had panned out. I was losing hope.

But that morning, on my birthday, I woke up and I JUST KNEW that it was time.

I also knew that my husband was not going to be happy.

I am, after all, 1/2 of our income. But the paycheck just enough to justify the impacts on my well-being. My body was shutting down; I was sick all the time, losing weight uncontrollably, I wasn’t sleeping anymore… I looked and felt like hell.

Worst of all was my emotional health. I was having panic attacks seemingly out of nowhere- my hands would suddenly tense up and clench into fists, and it was out of my control. I had dizzy spells; my heart raced. I remember telling my husband once that I couldn’t remember the last time I felt happy. I couldn’t think of anything that WOULD make me happy.

I just felt… nothing.

So, I told him I was quitting. And while he wasn’t thrilled, he also understood where I was coming from. He had witnessed my deterioration.

So, I did it. I sent an email and IT WAS DONE. A huge weight lifted off of me!

…and then the fear started creeping in.

How will we survive on just his income?

What if I don’t find a job fast enough?

My mind was thinking these things, but my heart said, “it’s going to be OK.”

My heart told me, sometimes you have to give up control and totally put your faith in the Universe in order to receive. I opened my heart and said, “I trust you. I know you’ve got my back.”

So, just a few hours later, I opened my birthday card from my parents. Inside there was a note and a money order….for $1,000.

My dad’s biological father, whom he had almost no contact with for his entire life, had recently passed away and left him a small inheritance. And my parents, who have more grace and kindness than I will ever fully understand, decided to share it with my sisters and I.

They had absolutely no idea that I was going to quit my job… I didn’t even know I was going to quit my job! And yet, that money appeared in the exact, most perfect timing.

But wait… it gets better.

The next day, I went to yoga class and excited told my teacher that I had finally quit my toxic job. She pointed out a sign posting right outside the studio door for a job that sounded PERFECT for me.

Ten days later… TEN DAYS… and I was hired at that job.
As I’m writing this, on February 23, 2021, I just had my three-year anniversary at my job a couple of days ago!

The Universe affirmed, over and over, what I had always known to be true:

The Universe really does have our backs.
Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and KNOW that you will be caught and held in open, loving arms.